First cohort: 9 January — 28 March 2020

Wellstreet Ventures, has in partnership with Google, designed a program to train the entrepreneurs of the future, support them in building scalable and sustainable companies, for the long term, by offering state of the art educational resources, mentoring from Google Experts and Wellstreet’s network, themed sessions, like UX/UI Design, Product Management, Growth & Marketing and much more.

Are you a startup founder?

Are you a mentor/speaker?

Launchpad Program Overview

Kick-off: 9-10 Jan 2020

● Founders Lab - delivered by Martin Gonzales

● Diagnostics Test

● Setting Goals and OKRs for your organization

Launchpad Build: 30-31 Jan 2020

● Product and Technology

Launchpad Build: Week 9 (2 days)

● Marketing and Growth

Wellstreet Masterclass: Week 11 (1 day)

● Commercialization & Sales Training

Fireside Chat: Week 12 (event)

● Startup Evening Event at The Factory

Wellstreet Masterclass: Week 13 (1 day)

● Building, Managing and Scaling your Team

Wellstreet Masterclass: Week 15 (½ day)

● PR and Communication Hacks

The Bee Hive: Week 16 (event)

● Startup Showcase Event at The Factory

A day in the Life of a Google Launchpad Mentor

Follow Jessica behind the scenes as she mentors one of Google for Startups’ Launchpads in Malaga.

Become a mentor

Here are the benefits of becoming a Wellstreet mentor:

  • Become a Google Launchpad Mentor: Fast track to becoming a Google Launchpad Mentor and participate in future Google Launchpad events around Europe.
  • Connect with a global community of professionals: Connect with other best-in-class mentors and the Google team as you work with startups during the program.
  • Learning and personal growth opportunities: Develop your mentor skills using the Google Methodology, and improve your expertise with our community; learn about the Global startup ecosystem.
  • Join the Wellstreet Family: Access to advisory opportunities with Wellstreet Growth; features on our public websites and social media channels.

What other mentors have said

“Google Launchpad has been a great brand to be associated with. It has helped me when I was discussing potential jobs, or when I needed to explain what I do in an international environment.“

“Networking and exchanging knowledge with other mentors and the Google team has been the greatest value for me.”

“Meeting and working with startups of all types and sizes, and also getting to know these incredible mentors has been inspiring.”

Selection of our Launchpad Mentors

Mikael Wintzell

Przemek Pardel 🇵🇱

Ishtar Touailat

Konrad Bergström

Julie Robles 🇫🇷

Nadav Rikover 🇮🇱

Jessica Rameau 🇬🇧

Ivan Gorshunov 🇷🇺

Daniel Nowak

Adam Wesolowski 🇵🇱

Christian Zanders

Anton Ijäs

Karina Ibarra 🇪🇸

Sïmon Saneback

Martin Gonzales 🇸🇬

What is Google Launchpad?

Google Developers Launchpad is a branch of Google that operates a global acceleration program in partnership with 22 acceleration programmes around the world. Google is a thought leader when it comes to building and scaling products and businesses using the most advanced technologies.

Launchpad works as a global convener by providing its startup scaling insights, proven programming, and Google best practices to accelerators to help grow the world’s startup ecosystems.